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Robert Steinmetz Smith Jr.
Upcoming Anniversaries
Births Date Anniversary
Carl Borger 04/20/1823 201 years
Clifford A. Baskwell 04/21/1932 92 years
Lydia Borger 04/25/1814 210 years
Lucy A. Smith 05/02/1886 138 years
Sybilla Catherine Steinmetz 05/04/1873 151 years
Edwin Harrison Steinmetz & Ida Alice Faulstie 05/14/1892 132 years
Charlotte Baskwell 04/22/1994 30 years
Anne Catherine Hickman 04/23/1997 27 years
Harry Nace 05/00/1969 55 years
Catherine Ann Drumheller 05/01/1889 135 years
Florence M. Lomason 05/11/1973 51 years
Robert Steinmetz Smith Jr. 05/12/1991 33 years
James William Wheeler Kavanagh 05/13/1995 29 years
Most Recent Updates
Person Updated
Richard Berry 01/10/2021
Ella Virginia Johnson 01/10/2021
Sarah G. Berry 01/10/2021
John H. Johnson 01/10/2021
Sarah Dorsey 01/10/2021
Ruth Todd 01/10/2021
Michael Dorsey 01/10/2021
Jeremiah Berry 01/10/2021
Samuel Jefferson Hickman 01/09/2021
Margaret Stainton 01/09/2021
Barbara Lyles Higgins 01/09/2021
Ruth Gassaway 01/09/2021
Michael Richard Berry 01/09/2021
Dr. George Washington Vinton (G.W.V.) Hickman 01/09/2021
Jean Elizabeth Smith 04/08/2020
Daniel S Makar 10/13/2018
Ann Stevens 05/02/2012
Ann Steever 05/02/2012
Ephraim B. Hickman 05/02/2012
Margaret Ann Reid 05/02/2012

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