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People On File 338
Census records 14
Images 100
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Polaroid picture taken at Grandmom's house by Anita
Anne Catherine Hickman
Upcoming Anniversaries
Births Date Anniversary
Oliver Lewis Steinmetz 08/20/1868 150 years
Alice Louisa Steinmetz 08/22/1871 147 years
Catherine Andrews 08/22/1799 219 years
Samuel Ayers Lomason 08/30/1872 146 years
Charlotte Baskwell 09/06/1924 94 years
George W. Goschen 09/07/1927 91 years
Joseph Borger 09/07/1830 188 years
Ann Stevens 09/09/1831 187 years
Ann Steever 09/09/1831 187 years
Maria Magdalena Frankenfeld 09/10/1768 250 years
Frank John Goschen 09/00/1981 37 years
George Borger 09/07/1868 150 years
Most Recent Updates
Person Updated
Ann Steever 05/02/2012
Ann Stevens 05/02/2012
Ephraim B. Hickman 05/02/2012
George Washington Vinton (G.W.V.) Hickman 05/02/2012
Margaret Ann Reid 05/02/2012
Michael Marshall 05/01/2012
Samuel Jefferson Hickman 05/01/2012
Lydia (Brannon?) Brannan 05/01/2012
George Preston Hickman 05/01/2012
Ann Hickman 05/01/2012
Ella Virginia Johnson 05/01/2012
Robert Byron Sutherland Hickman 05/01/2012
(unknown mother) 1 04/30/2012
(unknown father) 1 04/30/2012
Mary Jane Patterson 04/30/2012
Henry Hickman 04/30/2012
George Steever 04/30/2012
Warren Sylvester Smith Jr 04/05/2011
Warren Sylvester Smith 03/21/2011
Beck 03/21/2011

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