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If you are not a registered user, you will only see people born more than ninety years ago (generally protecting the living or those young enough to care <g>). After registering, general users can see everyone except those under 21. Full access is readily provided to close family members.

How Can I Get An Account?
This feature recently went under development. Shortly it will be possible to get an account immediately via an automated process. In the interim, the simplest way to get an account is to click "contact" on the menu and request one. You will receive a follow-up email very shortly thereafter.

The main genealogy page is a good starting point. To find a specific person you can use the drop-down list in the upper right corner. Alternatively, click index on the menu for a complete list of the family members on file ordered by surname (subject to the restrictions cited in Privacy).

Clicking on any individual on the index page retrieves their individual record that contains all information (that we know about) related to that one individual including spouse, children, siblings, and any relevant documentation and photos. From this view you can click on any relation to bring up their individual page.

Just under the title in the upper left area is the "breadcrumb" depicting the path you took to get to the current page. You can click any link in that path to skip back to a previous page.

One of the more interesting ways of viewing family members is to "walk" your way up the ancestor tree. Start from an individual's page and click pedigree on the right side of the Details line. This opens a quasi-graphical depiction of as many as four generations of direct family links. Clicking any other individual in the chain will refresh the view with that individual on the far left as the "root". For the moment, you must use your browser's Back button to retrace your steps. Of course, you can always use the breadcrumb to backtrack.

If you are a registered user, you'll note the link in the menu bar track this person. A simple click of this link will turn on tracking that will automatically send an email with any status changes to the person of interest. The tracking status will toggle; simply click again to turn off tracking.

Free EMail & Websites
Are you interested in a free email account in the form We will gladly create an account for any family member that you can access with any mail client (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) or from a web browser anywhere in the world. Want more? We will also provide free hosting of a website. Your site would be available on the Internet in about 24 hours via or Just use the contact form to send your request.

This project is very a much a work in progress. There are many things not yet implemented in the code. In particular, none of the GEDCOM code has been tested with any of our code. We'll continue to work on things. Under development at the moment are a descendants view that will show the reverse tree of all direct descendants of the chosen individual (basically, the inverse of the pedigree view) and an automated account creation feature.

Feel free to make suggestions. If you would like to be notified of major changes or additions to the tree, send us a note and we will add your email address to our announcements mailing list.

More importantly, there are many, many folks not accounted for in the tree. If you have any information, no matter how small, please pass it along.

About This Program
This program is based on phpMyFamily, an open source application written by Simon E. Booth ( and released into the public domain under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. The source code is currently hosted by Source Forge at and can be downloaded there.

We have applied several modifications to the original code including "skinning" the entire application for our own look and feel. We have also added or modified code for the snaking column index, the breadcrumb, the menu bar, navigational logic, the addition of this Help file, and other features under development. In keeping with the GNU license, anyone may also have our code subject to the same licensing.

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