Jean Elizabeth Smith   (04/01/1928 - 04/07/2020)
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Born 04/01/1928 Certified Father Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)
Died 04/07/2020 of natural Certified Mother Belle Arlene Meyers (03/28/1911 - 09/30/1972)
Children Cheryl Ann Butcher (Restricted)
Siblings Robert Steinmetz Smith Jr. (06/15/1930 - 05/12/1991)
Thurman O. Butcher on 02/19/1955 Certified
On a trip to Bermuda in 1998, Jean & Thurman visited St. Peter's Church in St. George. This church claims to be "the oldest continually used Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere," originally built in 1612. Here they came across several Memorials connected to a Eugene Meyer. The speculation is that there may be a relationship with Eugene Meyers, Jean's maternal grandfather after whom she was named.

Jean kindly provided some photos from the trip and they are available here. The memorials indicate that William Eugene Meyer (6/20/1877 - 2/28/1942) served as mayor of St. George for 10 years up to his death. He was the 2nd son of Capt. William Eugene Meyer & Mary Ann Stonebanks. He was married to Alice Williams McCallan (2/9/1883 - 12/27/1953) with whom he had three sons: W. Eugene "Boo" (11/5/1911 - 9/27/1983), 2nd son name unknown (presumably still alive in 1998), and Noel Lumley Meyer (12/23/1920 - 1/19/1942, died at sea in WWII).

William Eugene Meyer's memorial includes the quote (hard to read in the photo): "While we have time, let us do good unto all men." Gal. VI.

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East Stroudsburg Teacher's College, PA
College Portrait
E. Stroudsburg Teacher's College
Coll Commencement Announcemen
Established in 1612 in St. George's Parish, Bermuda
St. Peter's Church

Alice Williams Meyer Memorial
Noel Lumley (youngest son) and W. Eugene (oldest son)
Noel & William Meyer Memor
father (son of Capt William Eugene & Mary Ann Stonebanks)
William Eugene
visit from Anne and Harry Beatty in Spring 2003
"Aunt Jean" - 2003
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