Samuel Steinmetz   (Died 08/09/1884)
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Born Cherryhill, PA Certified Father George Jacob Steinmetz (Died 00/00/0000)
Died 08/09/1884 of Bushkill Township, PA Certified Mother Christina Leight
Children Gideon Steinmetz
Edwin Steinmetz
William Steinmetz
Fayetta Steinmetz
Louisa Steinmetz
Polly Steinmetz
James Harrison Steinmetz (07/28/1843 - 08/15/1909)
Siblings Christiana Steinmetz
George Steinmetz
Joseph William Steinmetz
Lydia Steinmetz
May Steinmetz
Sarah Steinmetz
Solomon Steinmetz
Sophie Steinmetz
Aaron Steinmetz (Born 03/23/1820)
Lydia Haupt Certified

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