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Marlyn Hickman

Dedicated to the battle (Sep 12-15, 1814) during War of 1812. Aquilla Randall is one of the ribbons. Found and photographed in the Baltimore City Post Office Square by George & Marlyn.
Battle of Northpoint Monument
Hochschild Kohn ad from The Sun Magazine (Baltimore), Aug 23, 1970
Marlyn Modeling

Robert Byron Sutherland Hickman (01/19/1868 - 12/06/1931)

Provided by Marlyn. Includes Robert Byron, Mary (Monner), daughter Clara. Daughter Peggy Ann is also here according to Marlyn.
Gravesite Marker

Sybilla Catherine Steinmetz (05/04/1873 - 09/21/1966)

Family photo taken at her 90th birthday party
Great Grammy Smith

Mary Anna (Monner) Randall (05/31/1876 - 10/11/1969)

Can someone confirm?
Monner ?

Clara Amelia Hickman (00/00/1904 - 00/00/1932)


Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)

Bob & Belle's Place
Altoona Postcard
Lloyds, Bob Sr, Bob Jr, Belle, Stella, Jean, friend of Dad (is it Jim Richwalski sp?)
Grammy Lloyd - Easter 1953
Sybilla (mom) with Warren, Bob Sr., Florence, & Sarah
Great Grammy Smith's 90th

Ft. Myers Residence
1pg, Postmark is image date
Letter (5-18-73)
Letter to family about Trudy Koop and her family (written 3/1/74, postmarked 3/5/74)
Correspondence with Photos

Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 2 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 3 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 4 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 5 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 7 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
Postmark is the image date
Letter & Pics (2-28-74)

Sarah Catherine Smith (04/18/1907 - 11/20/1994)

Taken at Penn Lutheran by Jean Butcher
Aunt Sarah

Anne Catherine Hickman (07/23/1908 - 04/23/1997)

Polaroid picture taken at Grandmom's house by Anita
Grandmom abt 1970

Mary Bertha Zebron (06/17/1914 - 09/25/2008)

At Bob & Betty's house watching great-grand-kids

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