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Marlyn Hickman

Dedicated to the battle (Sep 12-15, 1814) during War of 1812. Aquilla Randall is one of the ribbons. Found and photographed in the Baltimore City Post Office Square by George & Marlyn.
Battle of Northpoint Monument
Hochschild Kohn ad from The Sun Magazine (Baltimore), Aug 23, 1970
Marlyn Modeling

Robert Byron Sutherland Hickman (01/19/1868 - 12/06/1931)

Provided by Marlyn. Includes Robert Byron, Mary (Monner), daughter Clara. Daughter Peggy Ann is also here according to Marlyn.
Gravesite Marker

Sybilla Catherine Steinmetz (05/04/1873 - 09/21/1966)

Family photo taken at her 90th birthday party
Great Grammy Smith

Mary Anna (Monner) Randall (05/31/1876 - 10/11/1969)

Can someone confirm?
Monner ?

Clara Amelia Hickman (00/00/1904 - 00/00/1932)


Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)

Bob & Belle's Place
Altoona Postcard
Lloyds, Bob Sr, Bob Jr, Belle, Stella, Jean, friend of Dad (is it Jim Richwalski sp?)
Grammy Lloyd - Easter 1953
Sybilla (mom) with Warren, Bob Sr., Florence, & Sarah
Great Grammy Smith's 90th

Ft. Myers Residence
1pg, Postmark is image date
Letter (5-18-73)
Letter to family about Trudy Koop and her family (written 3/1/74, postmarked 3/5/74)
Correspondence with Photos

Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 2 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 3 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 4 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 5 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
No 7 of 7
Pics of Trudy Koop and Family
Postmark is the image date
Letter & Pics (2-28-74)

Sarah Catherine Smith (04/18/1907 - 11/20/1994)

Taken at Penn Lutheran by Jean Butcher
Aunt Sarah

Anne Catherine Hickman (07/23/1908 - 04/23/1997)

Polaroid picture taken at Grandmom's house by Anita
Grandmom abt 1970

Mary Bertha Zebron (06/17/1914 - 09/25/2008)

At Bob & Betty's house watching great-grand-kids

Jean Elizabeth Smith (Born 04/01/1928)

East Stroudsburg Teacher's College, PA
College Portrait
E. Stroudsburg Teacher's College
Coll Commencement Announcemen
Established in 1612 in St. George's Parish, Bermuda
St. Peter's Church

Alice Williams Meyer Memorial
Noel Lumley (youngest son) and W. Eugene (oldest son)
Noel & William Meyer Memor
father (son of Capt William Eugene & Mary Ann Stonebanks)
William Eugene
visit from Anne and Harry Beatty in Spring 2003
"Aunt Jean" - 2003

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