Robert Steinmetz Smith Jr.   (06/15/1930 - 05/12/1991)
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Born 06/15/1930 at Chicopee Falls, MA Certified Father Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)
Died 05/12/1991 of Ferndale, MD Certified Mother Belle Arlene Meyers (03/28/1911 - 09/30/1972)
Children Robert Steinmetz Smith III (Restricted)
Mary Anne Smith (Restricted)
Randall Oliver (Randy) Smith (Restricted)
Richard Emerson (Rick) Smith (Restricted)
Siblings Jean Elizabeth Smith (04/01/1928 - 04/07/2020)
Mary Anita Thiessen (Restricted) Certified

Image Gallery

Four Guys in Civvies
Always posing near a car
In the Navy

Navy - In Scivvies
What a pose...
Navy - In Scivvies

Navy Barracks

Navy Barracks 2

Navy Barracks 3
Who is this?
Some Buddy?

Navy Hijinks
Dad's favorite thing about the Navy?
Navy - The Mess
Name these guys
Navy Buddies - 1
Name these guys...
Navy Buddies 2

Navy - Ship at Seas

Navy - Ship at Sea 2

Navy - Ship in Port

Navy - Ship in Port 2

One That Didn't Get Away
Daisy - the last boxer
Dad's Best Friend
From RSS Jr's Postcard Collection While Stationed in Florida
Stationed at Port Everglades

RSS Jr in Navy Dress
Severna Park School - Anyone Else We Know?
4th Grade Class Picture
Postmark is the image date. A reference for addresses.
Souvenir sent by RSS Jr to Sr
One of them kept the other one up all night...
Three Generations of Bob
Census Details
No information available
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Death Certificate Recorded 5/13/1991, Balto, MD 01/25/2006

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