Sarah Catherine Smith   (04/18/1907 - 11/20/1994)
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Born 04/18/1907 at Bangor, PA Certified Father Warren Sylvester Smith (02/28/1861 - 02/19/1937)
Died 11/20/1994 of Interred St. John's Cemetery, Bangor, PA Certified Mother Sybilla Catherine Steinmetz (05/04/1873 - 09/21/1966)
Children Siblings <infant alpha> (Sybilla)
Lucy A. Smith (05/02/1886 - 03/06/1906)
Florence M. Lomason (11/26/1899 - 05/11/1973)
Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)
Warren Sylvester Smith Jr (03/11/1912 - 02/00/1984)
William Ray Campbell Certified
aka: Aunt Sarah

Lived many years in Sunbury, PA.
Last residence: Penn Lutheran Village, Selinsgrove, Snyder Co., PA

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Taken at Penn Lutheran by Jean Butcher
Aunt Sarah
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Obits Provided by Hough Home for Funerals, Bangor, PA 01/25/2006

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