Anne Catherine Hickman   (07/23/1908 - 04/23/1997)
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Details pedigree
Born 07/23/1908 Certified Father Robert Byron Sutherland Hickman (01/19/1868 - 12/06/1931)
Died 04/23/1997 Certified Mother Mary Anna (Monner) Randall (05/31/1876 - 10/11/1969)
Children Richard Oliver (Witty) Thiessen (Restricted)
Mary Anita Thiessen (Restricted)
Siblings Peggy Ann Hickman
Clara Amelia Hickman (00/00/1904 - 00/00/1932)
Howard Joseph Hickman (03/31/1906 - 09/17/1960)
Oliver Emerson Thiessen Certified
aka: Grandmom
Last Residence: Arbutus, MD

Image Gallery
Polaroid picture taken at Grandmom's house by Anita
Grandmom abt 1970
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