Warren Sylvester Smith   (02/28/1861 - 02/19/1937)
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Details pedigree
Born 02/28/1861 at Knowlton, Warren Co, NJ Certified Father Beck (Born 00/00/0000)
Died 02/19/1937 Certified Mother Lucy Smith
Children Lucy A. Smith (05/02/1886 - 03/06/1906)
Robert Steinmetz Smith Sr. (04/06/1904 - 03/31/1974)
Sarah Catherine Smith (04/18/1907 - 11/20/1994)
Warren Sylvester Smith Jr (03/11/1912 - 02/00/1984)
Sybilla Catherine Steinmetz on 04/01/1903 Certified
His wife's obit (Sybilla S.) indicates that his middle name was West. However, material provided by Eileen Stocker indicates that his name is, in fact, Sylvester and that his son is Jr.

Resided at 311 Broadway, Bangor, PA (recorded Mar, 1919)
Residence, birth date & location updated based on info provided by Stewart M. Borger via email (8/20/98) as found in family group sheets recorded by Preston D. Borger between 1898 & 1922. Date of Death updated based upon Sybilla's notes, recorded by her son, Warren.

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Census Details
Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth Details
1910 (USA) 311 Broadway St., Bangor Borough, Pennsylvania married 49 Retail Merchant/Own Shop New Jersey owned home free of mortgage
1920 (USA) 311 Broadway, Bangor Borough, Northampton Co. Pa married 58 retail store New Jersey owned home, free of mortgage
1930 (USA) 311 Broadway Street, Bangor Borough, Northampton County, Pennsylvania married 68 merchant, grocery New Jersey owned home, valued at $2,500
first married at age 42
no children remain at home
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