Frank John Goschen   (03/12/1900 - 09/00/1981)
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Details pedigree
Born 03/12/1900 at Germany Certified Father
Died 09/00/1981 Certified Mother
Children George W. Goschen (09/07/1927 - 05/26/2005)
Anna (Goschen) on 00/00/1926 Certified
Military Record:
Name: Frank John Goschen
Race: white
Address: 3714 E. Lombard St., Highlandtown, Baltimore Co.
Birth Place: Germany
Birth Date: 12 Mar 1900
Comment: USN app sea; sea 2c 4/8/17; sea 12/1/17; coxn 7/1/18; sea 8/1/18; coxn 4/1/19; sea 6/1/19, Recg Ship Norfolk Va.; USS New Hampshire 4/26/17; Recg Sta Washington D.C. 8/2/19, Hon disch 8/9/19
Maryland in the World War 1917-1919; Military and Naval Service Records, Volumes I & II
Order of St. Sava

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