Johann Nicholas Börger   (00/00/1720 - 01/15/1791)
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Details pedigree
Born 00/00/1720 at Nassig, Germany Certified Father
Died 01/15/1791 of Chestnut Hill Twnp, PA Certified Mother
Children Anna Appollonia Borger (Born 11/23/1742)
Barbara Borger (Born 00/00/1750)
Juliana Borger (Born 00/00/1751)
Babalonia Elisabetha Borger (Born 00/00/1751)
Nicholas Borger (Born 00/00/1755)
Jost Borger (Born 00/00/1756)
Heinrich Borger (Born 00/00/1757)
Anna Margaretha Borger (Born 00/00/1760)
Jacob Borger (Born 00/00/1765)
Birthdate & location approximate.
Will probated June 11, 1771.

P.D. Borger notes: Immigrated from Germany with wife via the "Halifax" under Thomas Coatan, Master. Arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on September 28, 1753. Gave his age as 33 and swore the required "Oath of Allegiance to England." Descendants names have been anglicized to Borger, Berger, Burger, and Bargar. In Pennsylvania-German all variants were pronounced "barrier."

Dale Berger in 1997 disputed dates of immigration, providing the following information:
1. The Jordan Lutheran Church in Whitehall Twnp (now part of Lehigh Co, PA) has a record of a daughter, born to Johann Nicklaus Burger and Othilia, Anna Apolonia born Nov 23, 1742 and baptized Nov 28, 1742 (11 years prior to 1753).
2. Nicholas Burger, age 20, arrived with several other Burgers on the ship "Charming Betty" on October 11, 1733 at the Port of Philadelphia (ref Strassburger and Hinke "Pennsylvania German Pioneers," Vol I, p. 134 & 136).
3. Also arriving on the Charming Betty were Margaretha Burger, age 50, Anna Burger, age 25, Margaretha Burger, age ½ yr, Philip Burger, age 12, Margaretha Burger, age 10.

All data based on info provided by Stewart M. Borger via email (8/20/98) as found in family group sheets recorded by Preston D. Borger between 1898 & 1922.

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