Peter Daniel Borger   (Born 01/26/1831)
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Details pedigree
Born 01/26/1831 at North Whitehall Twnp, Lehigh Co, PA Certified Father
Died Certified Mother
Children Siblings
Matilda Drumheller Certified
Baptism (Latter Day Saints) 2/15/1831 by Rev Kopprecht (witnessed by Jacob Roth and wife Anna) [recorded from original Baptismal Certificate written in German, in the possession of James Borger at Slatington, copied by Preston D. Borger, 8/6/1919].

All data based on info provided by Stewart M. Borger via email (8/20/98) as found in family group sheets recorded by Preston D. Borger between 1898 & 1922.

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