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Try your hand at predicting who will win this year's presidential election. The default settings are from the 1996 election between William Clinton and Robert Dole. You can change the results by clicking on a different button in one of three columns, Democrat, Republican, and Third Party. After you have made the changes you want, click "Tally" to see your new results. Then click "Reset" to do it again!

Votes Democrat Republican 3d Party
Alabama D R O
Alaska D R O
Arizona D R O
Arkansas D R O
California D R O
Colorado D R O
Connecticut D R O
Delaware D R O
Florida D R O
Georgia D R O
Hawaii D R O
Idaho D R O
Illinois D R O
Indiana D R O
Iowa D R O
Kansas D R O
Kentucky D R O
Louisiana D R O
Maine D R O
Maryland D R O
Massachusetts D R O
Michigan D R O
Minnesota D R O
Mississippi D R O
Missouri D R O
Montana D R O
Nebraska D R O
Nevada D R O
New Hampshire D R O
New Jersey D R O
New Mexico D R O
New York D R O
North Carolina D R O
North Dakota D R O
Ohio D R O
Okahoma D R O
Oregon D R O
Pennsylvania D R O
Rhode Island D R O
South Carolina D R O
South Dakota D R O
Tennessee D R O
Texas D R O
Utah D R O
Vermont D R O
Virginia D R O
Washington D R O
West Virginia D R O
Wisconsin D R O
Wyoming D R O

(270 Votes are needed to win.)

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